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Hand crafted cocktail delicacies to impress your guests.

Carpaccio Beef

Carpaccio Wagyu beef fillet with truffle oil, Reggiano parmesan, avocado puree, served on a toasted rye croutons.


Goats Curd

Creamy goats cheese with slow cooked Vino Cotto caramelised onions served in a buttery pastry cup



Spanish Prosciutto with sugared red wine pears, whipped blue cheese a top a lavosh crisp



Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon on pea frittata with caper mustard dill mousse


Pumpkin Quinoa

Jewelled quinoa medley with Moroccan pumpkin and herbed yoghurt.



Fresh Australian oysters with your choice of sauces:

- Gruyere and Speck

- Classic Kilpatrick

- Assorted Fresh



Peking Duck

Peking duck tarts with pickled cucumber, b&w sesame seeds and crispy shallot


Pulled Lamb

Pulled spring lamb with goats curd, roasted capsicum medley, minted yoghurt, finished with a dukkah crust.


Asian Prawns

Australian prawns with Asian flavours of sweet soy, black sesame, lime and fresh seasonal herbs.



Forest Mushrooms

Truffled porcini & forest mushroom with persian fetta & thyme


Olive Garden

Olive tapenade with sweet grape tomatoes, basil pesto and goats curd or avocado.


San Choy Bau

Chinese style seasoned beef, chicken or pork in a crisp lettuce cup with a sweet asian dressing and sesame seeds.




Single spoonfuls of delicious tastes of the world.

Nuoc Cham Pork

Crackled pork belly in a Vietnamese Nuoc Cham dressing topped with a cucumber, apple and radish salsa.


O-Toro Tuna

Sashimi tuna with mandarin, caper & red onion salsa


Tarragon Chicken

Roasted tarragon chicken, crispy speck bacon, potato chip crumb


Pepper Berry Beef

Pepper berry smoked wagyu beef, avocado puree, classic bernaise & crispy kale


King Prawn

Australian king prawns with your choice of:

Traditional Cocktail

Sticky Asian and Herb

Garlic and Leek



Australian scallops with green pea puree, chorizo & lemon crumb


Small Scallops $3.80

Large Scallops $4.80


Mexican Bean

Mexican style black beans with avocado puree and a corn chip crumb


Miso Eggplant

Miso glazed tender eggplant with zesty hommos and finished with a dry roasted broad bean.



Creamy goats cheese mousse with roasted beetroot and walnut butter crumb.



Cône Noir


Elegant black sesame waffle curls filled with exotic flavours.

Peking Duck

Succulent duck fillet in a rich hoisin asian sauce topped with a cucumber salsa and finished with toasted sesame seeds.


Tuna Toro

Sashimi tuna with mandarin, caper & red onion salsa


Beetroot Curd

Sweet glazed roasted beetroot segments with whipped goats cheese finished with toasted walnut crumb.


Vegan and Veg Available.







Traditional lobster cocktail


Sticky Asian prawns


Australian Scallops, cauliflower puree, chorizo crumb, crisp kale





Delicious grilled skewers with sauces, served warm.

Bush Prawns

Grilled king prawns in a native Australian herb and spice rub, served with a lemon myrtle hollandaise


Pepperberry Beef

Pepperberry beef fillet drizzled with truffle oil and topped with a rich porcini mushroom sauce.



Verde Chicken

Classic salsa verde chicken fillet with an orange bearnaise dipping sauce



Spanish chorizo sausage with sweet red peppers and olives, served with a garlic and lemon aioli.


Grilled Cyprian haloumi cheese with cherry tomatoes, zucchini, red peppers finished with a roast capsicum sauce

Greek Lamb

Greek marinated lamb fillet skewer served with roast capsicum avjar dressing.




Hot Food


Larger serves, portioned and served warm.

Japanese Karaage

Traditional Japanese Karaage fried chicken served with Kewpie mayonnaise and a sweet chilli soy dipping sauce


Lobster Thermidore

Australian lobster tail with a traditional rich thermidore sauce finished with fresh garden herbs


Potato Prawns

Potato string wrapped prawns fried to golden brown and finished with homemade dipping sauces



Homemade Springrolls

Delicious homemade giant spring rolls filled with your choice of chicken, pork, prawn, vegetarian, vegan or gluten free


Butter Chicken

Small bamboo boats filled with rich butter chicken finished with a pappadam crisp and fresh raita yoghurt dressing

Small Boat $4 

Large Box $6

Chicken & Tarragon

Rich slow cooked free range chicken and tarragon pie filling medley finished with a poppy pastry.



Flathead Goujons

Crumbed Australian flathead fillets with homemade tartare sauce served in traditional takeaway style box's



German Potato

Our traditional family recipe German potato salad with warm kransky sausage finished with a mustard sauce


Mexican Beef

Slow cooked chipotle beef  and black bean boats with avocado puree, sour cream and a corn chip sail, finished with spring onion


Moroccan Tagine

Mini Moroccan tagines with chicken, green olives, chickpeas, and a black sesame crisp


Vegan and Veg available



Your choice of :

Truffled mushroom

Traditional bolognese

Blue cheese, spinach and pinenut



Delicious mini brioche sliders with your choice of:


Beef fillet

Pulled Chicken

Pulled Pork




Gourmet platters to share.

Classic Antipasto

Delicious array of delicacies and dips including prosciutto wrapped grissini, chorizo, salami, provolone cheese, frittata, assorted olives marinated in chilli and fennel, sweet peppers stuffed with cream cheese, domades, smoked salmon with our signature dill dressing, served with toasted baguette rounds


Luscious Cheese & Pate

Hand picked beautiful local and imported cheese's including creamy french blue's, smoked gouda, triple cream brie, bellavitano merlot hard cheese, Maggie Beer duck pate, crispbreads, fresh and dried fruits


Cold Rolls

Handmade local cold rolls with your choice of fillings served with a hoisin sauce and spicy peanut satay sauce



BBQ Pork and Veg

Chicken and Prawn

Chicken and Veg

Peking Duck and Veg

Small $60

Large $100



Selection of the finest local and imported smoked meats including, smoked chicken breast, German salami, italian mortadella, Barossa ham, turkey breast, prosciutto, polish sausage all aserved with home made chutneys and relish's served on a bed of fresh greens



Gorgeous array of 40 hand rolled Japanese sushi, inari, and sashimi pieces with combinations of all your favourites, served with Japanese soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi cream

Vegan and Vegetarian available


Seasonal Fruit

Fresh seasonal fruits including berries, kiwi fruit, oranges, assorted melon, seasonal stone fruit, all carefully prepared and served with luxurious dessert style dipping sauces.


Sunday Chicken

Sunday roast style bbq chicken portions served with creamy brie wedges, roasted walnuts, semi-dried tomatoes on a bed of mixed seasonal leaves finished with an assortment of chutneys and sauces.


Homestyle Pastries

Selection of gourmet bakehouse mini pastries including potato pies, sausage rolls, chicken and leek, pasties, spinach quiche, lorraine quiche, pasties, spinach and cheese rolls.




Beautiful fresh seasonal salads to share | Minimum 10 serves | Price on enquiry


Pan fried Haloumi with a quinoa medley, baby spinach leaves and a sticky balsamic glaze.

Tina's Special

Free range egg with avocado, broccoli, craisins and toasted walnuts tossed in a lightly spiced mayonnaise

Chicken Caesar

Caesar chicken salad with avocado, croutons, german speck bacon, cos lettuce and a tangy house Caesar dressing


Tataki Beef Soba

Japanese Tataki beef style soba noodle salad with beef fillet, cucumber, spinach, capsicum and sesame seeds finished with a ponzu dressing

Tuscan Meatball

Delicious homemade tuscan style meatballs (pork and beef) with spinach, roasted capsicums, fetta, artichokes and spanish onion

Glass Noodle

Asian glass noodles (rice) with prawns and chicken fillet, fresh Asian herbs, seasonal vegetables drizzled with a Vietnamese dressing



Traditional Greek style salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, olives, fetta, green leaves finished with a lemon vinaigrette

Pear and Goats Cheese

Sweet crisp pear slices and goats cheese with fresh rocket and toasted walnuts, finished with an oilive oil and white balsamic dressing

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Atlantic salmon with sweet peas, potatoes, avocado, spinach and red onion, finished with a caper and dill dressing


Salmon Mandarin

Flaked atlantic salmon with baby spinach, finely sliced red onion, mandarin segments and finished with a fresh dill and caper dressing



Fresh handmade cocktail sandwiches | Minimum 20 Pieces


Chicken Caesar, smoky bacon, Caesar dressing, avocado, Reggiano parmesan and cos lettuce


Barossa Ham

Barossa smoked leg ham with Swiss cheese, vine tomatoes, seeded mustard, mayonaisse and lettuce


Smoked Salmon

Atlantic smoked salmon, mustard dill mousse, lettuce, red onion and capers



Turkey Breast

Smoked turkey breast with creamy french brie, cucumber, cranberry jam, lettuce and caramelised onions.



Roased sweet beetroot with goats cheese, walnuts, rocket and aioli

Vegan available with Avocado


Danish Salami

Danish salami with roasted capsicum, creamy fetta, kalamata olive tapenade and lettuce



Roast Beef

Rare roasted beef fillet with cheddar cheese, tomato, sweet green tomato pickle, mayonnaise and lettuce


Premium Tuna

Sustainably sourced tuna with Spanish onion, capers, dill, corn and mayonnaise 


Seasonal Vegetarian

Marinated seasonal vegetables with green tomato pickle and cream cheese

Vegan Available



Free Range Egg

Free range egg tossed with lightly spiced mayonnaise, fresh spring onion and lettuce





Selection of Muratti cakes, sweets and desserts.


We can take care of your event cake needs for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more.


Assorted hand crafted cocktail desserts to make everyones event a hit.


Delicate gateaux's to ensure a perfect end of event experience of indulgence


Equipment Hire


We can take care of all your event hiring needs through 'White Marquee'

Marquee and Bar

Tables and Chairs

Glass's & Dining Ware

For a flat fee of $90 we can take care of all your equipment hire needs on your behalf through company 'White Marquee'