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Need Catering for your Filming Crew?

Norwood Catering Services stands as your trusted partner in catering for filming crews, providing unparalleled culinary experiences tailored to the unique demands of your production. With a legacy spanning around a decade of catering to film sets, we understand the intricacies of the industry, including the need for flexibility, reliability, and exceptional quality.

No location is too remote for us. Whether you're filming in the heart of Adelaide or exploring the picturesque landscapes of South Australia, our team is ready to travel anywhere to deliver your food, ensuring that your crew stays nourished and energised throughout the shoot. From bustling urban streets to serene countryside vistas, we bring our culinary expertise to every corner of South Australia.

Our services extend beyond mere food delivery. We offer the option to set up a dedicated food station on-site, providing a central hub where crew members can refuel and recharge between takes. Our skilled team takes care of every detail, from setup to cleanup, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative vision to life.

For those seeking a grab-and-go option, our pre-made Bento Boxes offer a convenient and delicious solution. Packed with a diverse selection of flavours and carefully curated ingredients, these individual boxes are perfect for busy filming schedules, ensuring that everyone on set can enjoy a satisfying meal on their own time.

As a trusted partner of the South Australian Filming Corporation, we take pride in our ability to meet the unique needs of film productions of all sizes. Whether it's a small independent film or a large-scale Hollywood production, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

At Norwood Catering Services, we understand that catering for filming crews goes beyond just providing food – it's about creating an experience that enhances the overall production process. With our proven track record and dedication to quality, you can trust us to fuel your creativity and keep your crew happy and satisfied throughout every step of the filming journey.

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